InvestWise Collective

Invest Together, Think Differently

If you're seeking to diversify away from traditional investments and escape the unpredictable volatility of the financial markets, we invite you to connect with us. 

With InvestWise Collective, we are committed to offering you, our esteemed investors, the opportunity to invest alongside us, aiming to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns and improved terms compared to individual investing. 

You have the freedom to customize your investment journey by selecting from a range of residential and commercial debt and equity deals across various real estate asset classes such as multifamily, industrial, retail, self-storage, and more. 

It's an "a la carte" approach that puts you in control of your investment decisions!

Who We Are

Fund Manager

Paul Shannon is a seasoned real estate operator, acquiring and renovating over 150 residential units in his personal portfolio, many of which were deeply distressed properties.  Starting with single-family and transitioning to multifamily, Paul has experience in underwriting, acquisitions, raising capital, property management, project management, and is a licensed Realtor. 

Paul is also an experienced limited partner, investing passively with operating partners in over 1,500 multifamily units, NNN deals, industrial property, sale leasebacks, preferred equity positions, first and second position notes, ATMs, and mixed-use development.

Ryan Stieg’s career began in the mortgage industry after obtaining a degree in finance. He then transitioned into the insurance industry, which had family roots for most of his career. Over that span he held various positions in accounting, management and five years as the company’s CEO before the company’s sale. Since leaving insurance in late 2021, he has focused on opening a local fitness studio under a franchise umbrella. Since 2020, he’s also honed his passion for alternative, private investments as a co-Founder at Left Field Investors.

Starting his real estate journey with one investment in 2007, he didn’t become more active until 2016. He acquired a small portfolio of one to three-unit properties nationwide before focusing on more passive opportunities in 2018. 

Ryan’s experience as a limited partner spans an individual and group portfolio that now includes well over 50 individual investments across asset classes that include NNN industrial sale-leasebacks, multi-family, self-storage, office, retail, preferred equity, notes, ATMs, operating businesses, and several others.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager

An active real estate investor since 2017, Patrick Wills’ investing journey began like many others: after reading the “purple book” by Robert Kiyosaki. Patrick started with single family rentals and while they performed well, he quickly realized their inability to scale efficiently while remaining passive. He discovered syndications via podcasts and local meetups and never looked back. He discovered Left Field Investors in 2022 and has quickly become an integral part of the team.

An I.T. Systems Engineer by trade, he experienced the limitations of traditional Wall Street investing firsthand in his career and knew there had to be a better way to truly have financial freedom.

Unfortunately, that better way is inaccessible to those who need it most. His mission is to make alternative investments accessible to everyone who seeks to take control of their financial future to pursue their passions in life.